Fatal attack on Roshni to shatter Simar and Piyush


Mata ji takes decision of not accepting Radha. Roshni thinks of Piyush and cries. Radha consoles Roshni. Simar and Roshni make plan to expose Vaidehi. They take Piyush along with them to show him Vaidehi’s true face. They succeed in exposing Vaidehi. Vaidehi in her madness, goes to kill Piyush by a sword. Roshni comes in between to save Piyush and gets stabbed. Roshni falls down. Roshni falls in danger. The family rushes injured Roshni to the hospital. Roshni fights with death. Simar and entire family worry for Roshni.

Roshni is bearing the danger because of Piyush’s blind love for Vaidehi. Piyush realizes Roshni’s love for him is true, and Vaidehi is a fraud. Piyush recalls how Roshni saved him. Doctor tells Piyush that Roshni has rare blood group and they need blood units now. Piyush tells doctor that he will arrange the blood. He gets to know his blood group matches with Roshni. He asks the doctor to take his blood as much as needed for Roshni.

He gets glad and tells Simar that now nothing will happen to Roshni, I will save her. Simar scolds Piyush and asks him why is he helping Roshni, when he is responsible for her state. Piyush hates Vaidehi after the cheat. He cries and is sorrowful that Roshni is facing all this because of him. He recalls their childhood friendship and is afraid for Roshni’s life in risk. He apologizes to Simar for not believing her before.


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