Naina’s rules for friendship in Swabhimaan


Naina and Karan have turned friends. Karan knows she has genuine concern for him. Naina takes a step towards him. She could not make him share his problems yet. Karan is in love with Naina, though unrealized. Karan and Naina start bonding. Naira likes Karan’s nature and is also falling in love with him. Karan goes to help Naina, when she lights the lamp. He says we just became friends, we still do not have any relation, so you better remember your limits.

Naina smiles agreeing to him and keeps a condition for him. She says I have some rules to keep friendship well, your upset face won’t look good always. She asks him to smile. Karan smiles on her saying. She finds it a big change. She gets a hope that Karan is listening to her to keep their friendship. She asks Karan to share things with her, and maybe she can lighten his heart. She starts understanding Karan and wishes he understands her too.


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