Shivani’s step towards Rangeela in Ghulaam


Rashmi helps Shivani in meeting Rangeela. Rashmi and Shivani are unwillingly staying in Berahampur and bearing the tortures. Rashmi wants Shivani to get happiness. Rashmi goes to Rangeela and tells him about Shivani being in problem.

Rangeela worriedly runs to Shivani. Shivani expresses her love to Rangeela and hugs him. Shivani is very happy and does not want him to leave. Shivani gets courage by her love. Rangeela gets angry and asks Shivani not to hug him. She is not scared of Veer. She wants Rangeela to confess his love. She tells him that till he confesses his love, she will hug him every day. He finds her mad. He gets worried. Shivani requests him to say I love you. He asks her not to waste energy on all such doings and gain weight as per Veer and Gulguli’s command.

Shivani teases him calling him Patidev. He runs away to stop the problems from developing further. Shivani laughs seeing him shying. Rangeela makes her have food. She flirts with him. He asks her why did she say I love you. She says you are my husband, who else will I confess my love. He asks her is she still in bhaang effect. She says very soon, you will also confess love. Rangeela does not want to cheat Veer.



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