Polygraph twist to reveal the culprit in Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai


Rajveer does Rishabh’s Polygraph test to know Rishabh’s real intentions and the truth of Abhimanyu’s murder. Rishabh comes out innocent by answering everything true. The next doubt goes on Priyam, to find out whether Priyam is lying about being Abhimanyu’s reincarnation. Priyam is called to them. Rajveer and Rishabh torture Priyam and catch him to give him an injection. They prepare Priyam for the polygraph.

Priyam shouts and asks them to leave him. Gitanjali hears Priyam’s screams and comes there, asking what’s happening, what were they doing with Priyam. Priyam runs and hugs Gitanjali. She finds him too scared. She asks them to answer. Rajveer says we were just scaring him with an injection. She calls him heartless to get after a small kid. Gitanjali asks Rishabh what was happening. Gitanjali gets very angry on Rajveer.

Rishabh tells truth that he was just doing lie detector test of Priyam. Priyam tells Gitanjali that Rajveer is the murderer of Abhimanyu. Rajveer asks Gitanjali can he hurt his childhood friend, its just a misunderstanding. Gitanjali believes Priyam and slaps Rajveer. Rajveer and Rishabh get a shock. She blames Rajveer for killing Abhimanyu out of jealousy of their love. Rajveer tries to explain that he is innocent. Gitanjali cries and ends her friendship with Rajveer. Is Rajveer really behind Abhimanyu’s murder? Keep reading.


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