Shocking revelations propel Anika to search for Shivay


Anika asks Fake Shivay about Soumya. She gets into an argument with him. She asks him what happened to him, that he is behaving so strange. He makes excuse of Soumya. He holds her responsible to irritate him by her questions. She says you have changed. He remarks she changed and has no peace. He starts loose talk, which makes him angrily throw water on him to cool his anger. He holds her neck in rage. Anika reacts angrily on his worst reaction. She tells him that Shivay never reacted this way, it’s not the first time she has thrown water. She asks him how could he hold her neck this way. She gets suspicious seeing him lose his temper. She feels he is a stranger. She tries to realize the changes. She then stops her mind from thinking awful things.

Anika hears Fake Shivay talking on phone in Tapori language. She gets a shock. She stops him and thinks to test him. She tests him asking him about Bangkok’s hotel, where they stayed during their honeymoon. Fake Shivay cooks up story and agrees that they went to Bangkok on honeymoon, he had stomach ache after having food in the hotel. Anika gets a huge shock and moves away from him, realizing he is an imposter. Fake Shivay falls in the trap. She asks him about Pinky promise. He assumes she is asking him to swear on Shivay’s mum Pinky. She gets stunned realizing her Shivay is away from home. Fake Shivay makes excuse and goes.

Anika recalls the instances and evaluates since when the stranger is living with them. Anika cries out that Shivay is in danger, so she was getting such bad vibes. She realizes her intuition was right. She wonders where is Shivay. She recalls Shivay’s call from an unknown number.

She looks for her phone to check the number. She calls Omkara and Rudra to seek help. She fails to connect to them and inform about Shivay’s life in danger. She calls back on the number by which Shivay called. She goes to Khanna and asks him to find out about the number. She asks him to track the number fast and give all details. She determines to find out the fraudster’s truth and get Shivay back. Kamini’s poverty truth comes to the fore. Fake Shivay reaches to save his mom Kamini from humiliation.


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