Anika succeeds to meet Shivay in Ishqbaaz


Fake Shivay reaches Kamini to help her out and answer the landlord. Though he loves Kamini, she disrespects him. She calls him useless and a failure. Kamini asks the lady to allow her to stay in the house, she will pay her money. The lady insults her and asks her to leave. Kamini refuses. Fake Shivay threatens the lady and asks her to let them stay. The lady and other people of the chawl ask Kamini to leave, as she is polluting the chawl by her evil. The people call Fake Shivay an illegitimate guy. Fake Shivay angrily gets into a fight with the men. Kamini asks her son to stop. Kamini shouts on him and asks him to leave from here. She blames him for all the problems. She slaps him and tells how much she hates him.

Anika asks Khanna about Shivay. Khanna tells her that Shivay did not tell anyone where he is going, he has left without security. Anika asks driver about Shivay. Driver tells her about Shivay visiting the chawl. Fake Shivay gets drunk and dances with a girl to get over his sorrow. Anika lands in the chawl to find out about him. Anika gets a shock seeing fake Shivay’s reality. She receives a bigger shock on seeing her Shivay.

She asks him is he fine, what all happened in his absence. Shivay hugs her. Ranveer meets his aunt Kamini and says none can make her leave from the chawl till he is with her. Fake Shivay sees Ranveer at home. Fake Shivay sacrifices food for Kamini, while she keeps on cursing him. Ranveer understands him and feeds him food. Fake Shivay gets angry on Ranveer hearing the illegitimacy truth. Kamini hammers him with the truth. She gets his frustration out on him. He thinks of the childhood torments and painful past.


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