Neil and Ali get close to Avni’s identity in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Diksha tries to expose Neil’s bad character in front of Dayavanti and Shweta. Shweta and Prakash do not wish to hear anything against Neil. They get furious hearing wrong about their son. Meanwhile, Avni and Neil try to leave out of the bathroom. They have a talk about love. He makes her hair plaits. Neil and Avni know each other’s likes and dislikes. He tells her that he dislikes about her. He finds her hiding much pain inside. He compliments him seeing his good nature. They have cute moments. Avni asks Neil if he loves Riya.

Riya gets drunk and gets mistaken about Ali. She takes Ali to her room, thinking he is Neil. Ali tries to leave. Riya does not let him go and romances. Ali worries hearing Shweta coming. Shweta regrets coming in the holi party. Ali stops Riya from shouting. Shweta hears Riya and goes to see. Shweta finds Riya drunk. She asks about Neil. Riya asks her not to give her stress. Riya tells her where Ali is hiding. Ali worries and leaves from there.

Shweta finds Dayavanti’s family mad. Riya falls down. Diksha attempts to take Dayavanti and show Neil’s truth. Dayavanti fears to lose everything. Neil and Avni try to leave from the ventilation. Diksha gets Dayavanti there and they do not find anyone in bathroom. Neil gets Avni’s locket and forgets about the thief. He does not return it to Avni by getting suspicious. Ali stops Neil from seeing the locket. Ali gets doubt that Avni is alive and she is with Neela. Will Ali find out Avni? Keep reading.


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