Shocking twists and turns lined up in Dil Boley Oberoi


Shwetlana tells Jhanvi about her plan to make Omkara mad. Jhanvi begs her to spare Omkara’s life. Shwetlana agrees to her and puts forth her conditions. Jhanvi is ready to do anything to save Om. Shwetlana plans to get Jhanvi killed by Omkara. She changes the toy knife with a real sharp one so that the disaster happens in Oberoi family. She asks Omkara to just stop Omkara when he comes. Jhanvi agrees to her. Shwetlana makes a perfect plan to get Jhanvi killed, and clear way by putting Omkara in guilt. She sends Maya to Omkara. Omkara and Gauri get ready to scare Maya by the toy knife, so that she speaks up the truth. Maya goes to Omkara. Omkara asks Maya to talk to him.

Omkara tries scaring her with the knife. Maya makes him follow her and takes him to the same place where Jhanvi is waiting for Omkara. Gauri finds the real knife and gets clue of Omkara having the real knife. Jhanvi waits for Omkara and gets to the door.

Gauri shouts to Omkara to stop. Jhanvi worries hearing Omkara shouting. Maya provokes Omkara to kill her. Omkara runs to stab Maya with an intention to make her admit truth. Maya works as per Shwetlana’s plan and moves in nick of time to make Omkara stab his mother. Shwetlana records Omkara’s crime. Gauri stops Omkara from killing Jhanvi by coming in between. Gauri pushes Jhanvi away and gets stabbed, for keeping her loyalty and love for Omkara. Gauri fails Shwetlana’s plan, but risks her life. Omkara and Jhanvi gets a big shock realizing the fact. Gauri gets sinking.

Gauri tells Omkara that someone changed the knife in last moment. Omkara gets indebted to her for risking her life even when she knew the truth. Shwetlana blames Omkara for killing Chulbul. She calls Tej to come and see the crime committed by Omkara. The family gets a shock. Shwetlana asks them to call ambulance for Chulbul. Omkara fears to lose to lose his friend. Doctor arrives to treat Gauri. Omkara regrets his step seeing Chulbul. Gauri shows her belief in Omkara, calling him her Lord. Omkara gets touched by her words.


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