Neil and Avni to organize a surprise in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Neela worries for Avni, who got late to return home from Dayavanti’s Holi party. Neela makes a pistol ready to rescue Avni. Avni comes home. Neela hugs her happily. Avni tells Neela that Ashish never came when they waited for him. She breaks to Neela that Neil stood against Shweta and supported Riya. She tells about Neil and Riya’s engagement. She values Neil as a person and compares him with Ashish, who could not stand for Aisha. She feels Dayavanti does not deserve a man like Neil. Neela sees Avni respecting Neil and wonders who is Neil who earned a place in Avni’s heart.

Neil tells Prakash that he did the engagement with Riya to keep his promise, he did not wish to go against Shweta and hurt her. Shweta cries on failing to get Neil’s love. Neil apologizes to her. She feels disrespected. She asks him how could he hold Riya’s hand when she stopped him. She stays rigid on her decision. She tells Neil that she will never accept Riya.

Neil and Avni come to the park for jogging. Neil follows Avni and keeps an eye on her. Neela gets icecream for Avni. She reminds Avni to meet Dayavanti and find out about Aman. Avni gets ready to meet Aman. Riya flaunts the diamond ring. She asks Dayavanti to go in shopping and get stress free. Riya buys things for Shweta. Dayavanti explains her to impress Shweta.

Hetal meets Shweta to convince her about accepting Riya. Dayavanti thinks to keep a party at home and invite Shweta. She asks Avni and Neil to plan a birthday party for Riya. Avni agrees. DD and Neil talk to Ali. Ali wants to know more about Ananya, after getting suspicious about her. Neil tells him about Ananya’s nature. Avni calls Neil and asks him to meet to plan Riya’s birthday. Neil calls her at Ali’s cafe. Avni comes to meet Neil and discusses the surprise birthday plan. She suggests the masquerade theme. Neil decides to find out Ananya’s motives. Ali too wants to confirm if Ananya is Avni and reaches Neela’s house to meet Avni.


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