Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Pardes: Naina spends time with Dadi. Raghav and Naina think Dadi will be recovering with Naina’s presence. Naina shares with Dadi that baby kicked her. Naina sees Dadi moving her hand. She tells Dadi about the baby. Naina persuades Dadi to talk to her baby. She makes Dadi touch her baby in womb. Dadi reacts by the baby’s positivity.

Khurana tells Harjeet that Sonali is not the surrogate, and she made him reach Naina. He sadly reveals that Naina is carrying Raghav’s child, she is Raghav’s wife. He is upset that he could not find Ahana’s surrogate. Harjeet acts innocent.


Anika and Shivay organize a Holi party to know Mahi’s motives and the person behind everything. Anika wishes Shivay a happy Holi. She applies colour to his cheeks with much love. Shivay too wishes her Holi greetings. She asks him to apply colours to make her Holi complete. Shivay finds an unique way to apply colours to her. He gets close to apply her colors by his coloures cheeks. After they share a sweet moment, they meet Mahi, who gets much drunk by Bhaang overdose.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ruhi humiliates Adi in front of all the guests and media in the product launch party. Ruhi gets mistaken about Adi. She blames him for stealing all her hardwork and credit. She calls Adi jealous. Adi tells her that she has seen the sample card, it was a mistake from printer’s side. Ruhi does not believe Adi. Ishita feels ashamed seeing Ruhi’s behavior. Adi asks Ruhi to stop it. Ruhi insults Adi. She tells everyone that Adi has no business sense, he just invites loss in business, he can’t even fill a tender.


Neela worries for Avni, who got late to return home from Dayavanti’s Holi party. Neela makes a pistol ready to rescue Avni. Avni comes home. Neela hugs her happily. Avni tells Neela that Ashish never came when they waited for him. She breaks to Neela that Neil stood against Shweta and supported Riya. She tells about Neil and Riya’s engagement. She values Neil as a person and compares him with Ashish, who could not stand for Aisha. She feels Dayavanti does not deserve a man like Neil. Neela sees Avni respecting Neil and wonders who is Neil who earned a place in Avni’s heart.

Dil Boley Oberoi:

Gauri wins Omkara’s heart by her belief. Omkara feels hugely guilty for stabbing Chulbul. Doctor checks Gauri and treats her at home. Omkara realizes Shwetlana has changed the knife and planned this disaster. Shwetlana acts good to everyone so that they don’t doubt on her. He goes to kill Shwetlana, but the family stops him. Om gets too provoked to end Shwetlana’s chapter. Om grabs her neck to strangulate her. Tej and Jhanvi stop Omkara. Tej calls Omkara mentally unstable to blame Shwetlana after he himself stabbed Chulbul. He reminds Omkara what bad things he did in the past. Shwetlana gains sympathy from Tej. Tej stands to support Shwetlana. Tej asks Jhanvi to realize Omkara’s mistakes. Tej defends Shwetlana.


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