TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Rangeela applies medicine to Shivani. He cares for her feet. Maldawali gets jealous. Rashmi says we have to take her to doctor. Maldawali says no need, I will take care of her. Rangeela refuses knowing how she is, and does the aid to Shivani to himself. She asks him to lie down, she will aid to his wounds too. He says I m not so cheap, you better go to your husband. He sends Maldawali.


Ricky does Pariknama by walking on knees. Gopi has made him do Pariknama as repentance for troubling family. He is bearing the punishment. Jaggi taught him how to do Pariknama, while Urmila taught him the shlok. Ricky did not lose and is fighting with Gopi. He makes plans to fail Gopi. He listens to Gopi to get his property back. Ricky gets tired. Jaggi says its just one round, more 99 are left, continue. Ricky asks a boy to give his sandwich and takes it from him. The boy complains to everyone that Ricky has stolen his sandwich. Ricky falls down which makes Gopi worry for him. She tells Ricky that he won’t get food now. Ricky says he did not do anything and avoids the blames.

Woh Apna Sa:

Aditya divides a line so that Nisha gets away from his family. Nisha does not get happy by some share. She wants everything in her hands. Nisha is doing all this by some motives. She calls Jhanvi home. Jhanvi sees Aditya hurt. Nisha cares for Aditya and acts in front of family.

Santoshi Maa:

Trishna takes Dhairya to tantric place to win him. Santoshi takes Durga’s avatar to stop Trishna from harming Dhairya. Trishna is carrying an evil asur in her womb, as Devi Paulmi has created the baby by using Asur powers. Santoshi gets a Trishul to beat Trishna. Dhairya understands Santoshi seeing her keeping her sindoor’s respect. Dhairya asks Tantrics to leave and warns them not to come close. Dhairya and Santoshi get together to fight. Santoshi Maa and Devi Paulmi will be having a fight in Devlok.

May I Come in Madam:

Sanjana had a fight with her friend and wants to have friendship with Sanju, with whom she can share anything. Sanju explains Sanjana. She wishes she had a friend like Sanju. Sanju gets glad when Sanjana becomes his best friend. She says I get jealous seeing your and Khiloni’s friendship. Sanju tells her about the party he is keeping tonight to celebrate their new friendship. She asks him to calm down and finish office work first. He asks her not to worry for work, which will end pretty soon. Sanju asks her to be ready for the party.


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