Adi and Aaliya to face troubles in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Mani gets shattered when Shagun tells him about her miscarriage, which happened because of Niddhi. Mani realizes his mistake and supports her. Mani assigns a project to Adi to make him confident and earn his self-respect back. Adi happily accepts the project. Ishita scolds Adi and Ruhi and asks them to prove their abilities. She tells him that she won’t support any of them. Aditya decides to leave for project. Raman gets emotional seeing him go from home.

Adi and Aaliya will be facing problems in upcoming track. They leave for the village for the business work. Aaliya falls in trouble. The villagers misunderstand Adi and Aaliya, and decide to punish them. Raman and Ishita get to hear the matter on call while the conversation happens. They reach the village on time and save Aaliya. Adi decides to marry Aaliya. He sends off Aaliya from the village and stays alone for the work. Raman and Ishita worry for Adi. Ruhi gets to know Adi’s hardwork and efforts to prove himself. She calls him up and asks him to take care. Adi gets glad by her call and hopes things will get better with time.


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