Arjun returns home; unites with family in Beyhadh


Arjun comes back home and meets Vandana after 3 years. Vandana slaps him when he calls himself her step son. He holds her feet and asks her to forgive her useless son. She asks him did he take 3 years to come back. Arjun says Saanjh always teaches me something, she asked me to break this wall and it will give me much happiness. He hugs Vandana and Ayaan. Vandana asks him not to go anywhere leaving her now.

Arjun promises her he won’t go. Vandana cries and is glad that Arjun is back. Arjun acts and does drama, asking Vandana to get cold coffee and Aloo parathas for him, as he did not eat anything since 3 years. Vandana laughs and asks him to wait, she will cook food and get fast. Saanjh’s family also joins them. Arjun plays carom with family and enjoys. Saanjh and her mum dance with Arjun. Arjun gets glad to live his old days again. Arjun likes to be his real self, after all he got tired up leading a fake life with Maya. Arjun enjoys himself while Maya has left for a short trip to London.

Arjun gets to know Ayaan is marrying. Arjun unites Ayaan and his girlfriend, and congratulates him. Vandana, Suman and Saanjh finalize the jewelry for the new bahu. Arjun will be living with family for 3 days till Maya returns and controls him back. Vandana is happy to get Arjun back. Maya’s truth has come out in front of Arjun, and this is what Vandana wanted. He does not care of anything now, and just enjoys the family reunion. Will Maya let Arjun and Saanjh stay happy? Keep reading.


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