Gauri decides to reveal her true identity in Dil Boley Oberoi


Omkara tries reaching Dr. Dang to alert him about Shwetlana. He fails to contact him. Gauri thinks Shwetlana killed the doctor. Shwetlana says I m at home since morning and this can’t happen. She asks Omkara to trust her, as this is much necessary in marriage. She flirts with him. She asks Gauri to come and do her work. Omkara does not let Gauri go. Gauri tells him that she is helpless as Shwetlana gave her the job.

Gauri goes to Shwetlana, who attacks her. She scolds Gauri for fooling her by wrong info. She asks Chulbul not to have much inclination towards Omkara. She angrily warns Chulbul to just be loyal to her. She then blackmails Gauri. She asks Gauri to just pass all info to her, else she will tell Omkara that she hired Chulbul for spying on Omkara. She asks Chulbul to think how much Omkara will hate him, if he knows Chulbul cheated him. Shwetlana gets a doubt on Gauri’s identity. She asks Gauri to stop Omkara from meeting the doctor.

Gauri prays to Lord to help her in the dilemma. A little boy inspires her and asks her to take the risk to achieve something. Gauri likes the idea. She goes to Buamaa and tells about Shwetlana’s plans. Buamaa helps Gauri.

Shwetlana tells Chulbul to keep her updates. Buamaa stops Shwetlana from leaving from home. Shwetlana calls up Chulbul to be with Omkara and pass all the info. Omkara and Gauri reach doctor’s place. Buamaa makes Shwetana busy in kitchen. Omkara and Gauri look for Dang. They do not see the snakes in the house. Gauri says maybe doctor has hidden because of Shwetlana’s fear. She suspects the doctor to be alive. Gauri does not want to get further blackmailed. She decides to tell truth to Omkara that she is not Chulbul, but she is his wife Gauri.


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