Mahi gets doubtful of Shivay’s plans in Ishqbaaz


Shivay makes plans to make Mahi accept that he is not Shivay. He asks Pinky to workout his plan. He convinces her to call Kamini. Pinky calls up Kamini and asks if she wants more jewelry, or does she have any other demands. Kamini asks them to give more than their status. Kamini gets greedy. Pinky tells Tej about Kamini’s dowry demands. She badmouths Kamini to see Mahi’s reaction. Tej agrees to give more diamonds worth 200 crores to Priyanka. Mahi gets a big shock hearing 200 crores diamonds. Tej asks Mahi to come with him to get the diamonds from the safe. Mahi asks why do I need to come. Shakti asks him to come, as the safe belongs to him.

Mahi thinks Kamini will get mad hearing about 200 crores diamonds. He agrees to accompany them. They take him to the place and asks Mahi to open the locker. Mahi does not know how to open it, as he does not have keys. Shakti asks him to open it by password. Mahi thinks his truth may come out. He says I don’t remember the password. Tej asks how can you forget it, stop joking, come. Shakti reminds Shivay the password himself, as the safe opens by his eye scan. Mahi thinks how could Shivay set eye scan password. He makes excuses to go home. Anika stops him. She gives him medicines to have. Rudra feeds him anti migraine pills. Tej asks him to just open safe quickly. Mahi goes for the eye scan and gets super worried. He stands near the scanner, when Shivay too stays close and opens the safe by his eye scan. Mahi gets glad that safe opened.

Tej asks him where is he going now. Mahi wants to go home. Shakti asks him to open the second locker, as first locker just have 100 crores diamond. Mahi thinks other safe will also open if first safe opened. He laughs on the useless security. Mahi fails in eye scan and alarms ring. Tej asks Khanna why is security alarm ringing. Khanna says alarm rings when fraud tries to open the locker. Mahi says there is something wrong. Rudra asks Mahi to try again. Mahi does not want to take a chance and gets scared. He leaves from there, while the family succeeds to give him jitters.


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