Riya’s birthday party to holds surprises in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Neil and Avni surprise Riya with the bollywood theme. Riya flirts with Neil. She clicks selfies with him. Riya compliments Ananya. Ananya wishes her birthday. Neil taunts Avni for becoming thief Babli, and asks her what will she steal tonight. Riya clicks their pictures. Neil and Avni show attitude. Dayavanti praises them for organizing such a rocking party.
Avni gets emotional.

Neil and Avni have a dance. Neela comes there in disguise of Charlie Chaplin. Neela had to come as she could not get any artist play Ananya’s mum. Neela could not come in normal getup as Dayavanti would have identified her. She dresses as Charlie and meets Dayavanti after many years. They come face to face. Dayavanti welcomes her as Ananya’s mum and pays respects. Neil has come in the party to find out about Ananya’s pendant. Riya tries to dance with Neil, but he chooses to dance with Avni. Riya and Ali perform dance together. Neela and Avni wait to meet Aman, who is coming home. There will be happy and emotional moments.


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