Big twists around Anjali’s beauty contest in Sasural Simar Ka


Aarav is a lawyer by profession. He has come back home. Mata ji finds him lean and weak. Simar says I made his favorite laddoo, he will gain weight. Entire Bharadwaj family welcomes him. Simar does his aarti puja. He asks her to finish it soon, so that he can have laddoos. He gets a task to get Piyush and Roshni divorced. Simar is taking his help. Aarav wants them to reconcile and get back together. He observes Piyush is reciprocating Roshni’s love.

On the other hand, Anjali has got her lip surgery gone, which goes wrong. Anjali turns ugly. Anjali cries seeing her face. She says my lip has turned so bad, how will this get fine. Vikram and Anjali are worried. Anjali is taking part in beauty contest. He was against the lip surgery, but she did not listen to him. Her lip gets swollen and ugly. She has to go for the best smile round. She worriedly tries to hurt herself.

Vikram stops her. He hugs her and asks her to be strong. He is with her in this tough time. He says I told you this can go wrong, but you did not listen to me. He assures her that he will support her. He suggests they should talk to a doctor. They talk to doctor to find some way. Anjali gets to know that management has removed her from the beauty contest, because of her face. Anjali tells them that this contest, title and crown just belongs to her, as its her dream, and none can break her dream. Anjali did not lose till now.


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