Kareena’s attempt to defame Soumya fails in Shakti


There is a cute moment between Harman and Soumya. Everyone sit for dinner. Soumya finds hard to have food, while taking care of baby. Harman feeds Soumya by his hands. Kareena and Rani come there to get some grains as charity. Preeto asks them to leave. Kareena taunts that this house also has a kinner, so they came here. Harman scolds them and asks them to leave, and never come back. Rani asks him how can be so rude to them, when he is showering love to a kinner at home.

Preeto gets angry and asks Harak to black color powder to apply on their own faces, as Harman is staining their name in the village. She says before anyone else blackens our faces, we should do it ourselves. Kareena goes to tell villagers that Soumya is a kinner. Harman threatens to kill Kareena. Kareena says its time that I tell the truth to everyone. Police comes there and stops her. Kareena asks Harman not to insult her in front of the villagers. Harman gets Kareena arrested. Seems, Soumya will have some happy days for some time.


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