Shweta’s suicide drama next in Naamkarann


Neil sees Avni taking care of Dayavanti, and thinks she is not bad at heart. He thinks to find out her secrets and stop her from doing wrong, without caring whatever motives and reasons she have. Avni spots him helping Fatima and thinks he is a nice and humble man, unlike Ashish. She thinks Neil knows the difference between right and wrong, and also to stand for a woman’s respect.

Neil supports Riya in the party, while Shweta gets raged. Neil and Avni have an argument in the party. Neil fails to find her pendant. Avni asks him to stay away. Shweta comes in the party and creates a big issue on finding Neil there. She says you proved what’s my importance in your life, I told you to choose either Riya or me, you have chosen this family and left me. She made it clear to him that he should not come in this party. Neil has made her upset. Shweta breaks ties with Neil. She asks Dayavanti to keep Neil with her. She drinks poison in front of them and faints. Neil gets a shock. He takes Shweta to the room. Avni gets shocked seeing the happenings.

Dayavanti calls the doctor for Shweta. She asks Neil and everyone to stay out. Dayavanti fears anything can happen to Shweta. Doctor checks Shweta. Diksha hears the doctor and nurse talking. Diksha argues with the doctor for being greedy. Diksha tells Dayavanti that Shweta has drunk glucose water instead rat poison. Doctor refuses to reveal anything as its their personal matter. Diksha asks what if Neil knows it, will you tell truth or shall I call the nurse. Dayavanti asks her not to tell anything to Neil. Dayavanti requests doctor not to tell anyone that Shweta has drunk just glucose water, not any poison. She says I won’t let anything wrong happen between mum and son. She acts sweet to Shweta and wants to impress her.


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