Naina’s surprise for Chauhans next in Swabhimaan


Its a special day for Chauhan family. Everyone is ready for Couple competition. Nandkishore praises his handsome son Kunal. He does not want to wait for Karan and Naina. Dada ji says I will wait for them. Nand says Kunal and Meghna are ready, we shall leave, else you can stay back. Sandhya tells Nirmala that I have a special place in Karan’s life, if he does not agree to me, he will not listen to anyone, we are just wasting time, we should leave. Nirmala has belief that Karan will come.

Meghna says we will wait for 5 minutes, Naina will get him. Nand asks how will Naina convince him, but he did not listen to Sandhya, who has raised Karan, what magic will Naina do to get him. Naina gets Karan there. Nand and Sandhya did not expect Karan to come. They all get surprised. Nirmala sees Karan and gets emotional. She thanks Naina for getting Karan. She hugs Naina and can’t believe Karan is opening up to meet everyone. Naina has did this wonder by the medicated gloves. Karan is feeling good to have a caring friend with him.


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