Veer and Rangeela’s emotional moment in Ghulaam


Rangeela is going to get hanged. He does a puja in morning. Veer does his Dudh Abhishek and pampers him before his death. The village is decorated well. Its a big day for Berahampur. Veer realizes he loves Rangeela a lot, and feels emotional. He cries for Rangeela and thinks as if his own part is going away. Veer and Rangeela’s emotional bond will be seen. Veer tells Rangeela that he will take his words back, and cancel his death punishment. He does not want Rangeela to die. Rangeela stops Veer and says I won’t let my master take words back, I will obey my master and accept to die. Veer gets touched and can’t see Rangeela going away.

There is unsaid brotherly love between them. Rangeela proceeds to the temple. He apologizes to Shivani for the last time. Shivani cries and hugs him. Rangeela asks her to take care. Rangeela has been much close to Veer. He asks Shivani to understand Veer as a person. He tells her that he will never come back now. Shivani gets kidnapped, while Rangeela goes to hang himself. Rangeela will be coming back to life to find Shivani.


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