Shivay and Anika’s plan backfires in Ishqbaaz


Shivay fools the family by acting as Mahi, and enjoys their tensed faces. Pinky beats him for scaring her. He asks them not to rehearse this way, else Mahi can see them. Anika asks all of them to use code word and discuss plan. Shivay asks Anika to make Mahi busy. She fixes a tracker in Mahi’s clothes. He asks her to do something to make Mahi and Khanna fight. Soumya finds Kamini’s phone and thinks of calling Anika. Anika hands over the suit to Mahi. She tells him that she is going out for shopping and will take Khanna with her. Mahi asks him to go. Mahi gets suspicious of everything. Anika tells Shivay that she has made the plan and now she will make Khanna fight with Mahi. Anika boasts of herself. Shivay asks her why does she not feel anything when he sees her. She gets angry on him and hurts his hand. Shivay and Anika have a romantic moment.

Pinky welcomes Kamini and Ranveer. She sends Ranveer to spend time with Shivay. Shivay thinks of taking Ranveer in confidence and seek his help in solving Mahi’s case. Anika executes her plan and tells Mahi about Khanna and her fight. She complains to Mahi. She says even Shivay will scold Khanna. Mahi asks them to sort it out. Khanna asks him to sort the problem, as he always decides the things. Mahi does not want to get into the matter. Kamini looks for her phone. She reaches Soumya and asks for her phone. Soumya hides the phone. Mahi asks Khanna why are you forcing me to threaten you. Anika thinks how will the plan succeed now.

Mahi asks Anika to forgive Khanna. Anika tries to start the fight. Mahi acts cool. He reacts on hearing the word Nayajaz. Mahi beats Khanna. Shakti and Rudra stop him. Mahi threatens to kill Khanna. Their plan succeeds.

Ranveer asks Shivay if everything is going on fine. Shivay asks Ranveer how can you talk to me this way. Ranveer learns Shivay’s plan and realizes Mahi is going to get trapped badly. Shivay tells Ranveer to help him and find the mastermind behind Mahi. Shivay asks Ranveer to find everything about Mahi, by starting official investigation. Ranveer fears his truth will come out. Anika finds out about Soumya and reveals the truth to Mahi, instead Shivay. Mahi, Ranveer and Kamini learn about Shivay and Anika’s master plan. Mahi kidnaps Anika. Will Anika be able to reveal Kamini and Ranveer’s truth to Shivay? Keep reading.


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