Vivaan’s reign over Aazaadgunj begins in Udaan

Udaan Chakor get suspicious about Imli's return

Suraj has come back home. Suraj’s happy days are back. He gets a place in haveli. Girja tells Suraj that Chakor has made all of your favorite things. He asks where is Chakor. Chakor is missing. Suraj eats the food after a long time. He finds the food spicy. Chakor added extra chilli after they fought. He thinks Chakor maybe resting alone in room. Imli says its Chakor’s room too, but she is not resting, she went to villagers to get your old things, which you wanted. He gets to know Chakor has gone to village to get his things back. Suraj leaves the food and goes to stop Chakor.

Ragini makes Vivaan sit on the head of Aazaadgunj’s chair. He has taken Bhaiya ji’s place. Ragini does his tilak and Abhishek. He gets the throne officially. Vivaan is very happy to get the powers in hands. Ragini is opening an arms factory, and is leaving for work for a month. Vivaan is also managing things in the gun making factory. He does not want the rule to go away from his hands. He will be monitoring Aazaadgunj for a month. He enjoys to rule over everyone.

Bhaiya ji’s mad drama is going on. He makes some dogs as bandhua. Vivaan laughs seeing the drama. He asks Ranjana not to stop Bhaiya ji, let the entertainment go on. Imli feels bad and asks Bhaiya ji to come fast, the real bandhuas are inside. She helps Bhaiya ji, and takes her with him. Bhaiya ji asks why did you not tell me before, and goes. Vivaan and Imli are against each other now. He does not know what’s happening in Chakor and Suraj’s lives. How will Chakor, Suraj and Imli get Vivaan back to the right path?
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