Ashok to target Adi and Ruhi in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Adi returns in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman and Ishita worry for Adi and Aaliya. Inspector calls them lucky to get saved. Adi says these people are not following laws. Inspector says they are mad, and control police, if we do anything, they start taking action against us. He praises Adi to act smart on time and save Aaliya. Adi asks Aaliya to go back home with Ishita. On the other hand, Ruhi proves her business sense by a successful presentation. Ashok doubts on Ruhi’s capabilities. He thinks she is overconfident and will fail to complete the project in time. Ruhi makes promises that she won’t compromise on quality and gives assurance to deliver the best. Ashok challenges Ruhi to prove herself. He gives the contract to Ruhi.

Ishita asks Adi to come along with them. Adi refuses to leave till he does the project. Ishita worries for him. She asks Adi to drop the business challenge, as his life is most important to them. She does not want to take any risk, as she loves Adi a lot. Adi tells her that she has taught him to face the problems and not run away. He does not want to disappoint Mani. He wants to prove himself by staying in the tough situations. He convinces Ishita. She allows him to complete the project. Romi and Ashok get into an argument. Romi is proud of Ruhi. Ashok asks Romi to complete the contract and then show their capabilities. Ashok finds this a good chance to ruin Raman.

Raman and Ishita drop Aaliya home. Mani and Shagun discuss the wedding preparations. Ishita asks why to waste money on wedding. Mani asks Shagun to see Ishita’s opinion. Shagun wants the wedding to happen well. Shagun tries convincing Raman to keep a grand wedding. Raman says even Ishita is right in some sense. Mani asks Raman to convince Ishita.

Ruhi gives the good news to Raman. She informs him about the contract. Raman and Ishita worry for Adi. Ruhi misses Adi. She worries knowing Adi is facing a tough time. Ashok lands in the village and gets caught by angry villagers. He meets a known villager Gagan. Gagan complains to him about Adi. Ashok gets to know about Adi managing a factory. He thanks Gagan for informing him. Adi misses Ruhi. Ruhi calls him to take his welfare. Adi gets emotional. He is happy and congratulates her for the successful presentation. She encourages him for the project, while Adi also shows his confidence in her. Adi wishes Ruhi answers well to Ashok. Ashok and Gagan join hands to ruin Adi’s work.


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