Uninvited mystery and troubles lined in Jaana Na Dil Se Door

jana na

The mystery girl entered everyone’s life with some motives. Ravish and Vividha are not doubting on her, while Atharv starts getting suspicious about her. Guddi has fallen in love with Ravish. Over the time, Guddi and Ravish started turning good friends. Guddi feels insecure seeing Ravish with the mystery girl. No one knows about the girl, as she has lied to them about her memory loss. Vividha saves the girl from some bad people, by lying about Ravish and that girl’s marriage. Guddi worries hearing that.

Vividha tells Guddi and others, that she has lied such to save the innocent girl’s life. Things aren’t as appearing. Ravish too gets trapped by the girl’s innocent act. Vividha hopes to help the girl recover her memory. She decides to keep her at home till she regains her memory. Ravish assures the girl about her safety. Atharv feels something is odd, and shares his growing doubts with Vividha. It gets revealed that the girl is sent by someone to ruin Atharv and Vividha’s life. A new game begins against the lovers. Will they find out the mastermind behind the dark mystery? Keep reading.


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