Kartik and Naira’s longing for family in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira's partial memory loss begins to inflict

Naira and Kartik move to their new house. Their post marriage romance will be seen. Kartik beautifully decorates the house. Kartik shows his love by his efforts. Many worries trouble Naira. Naira makes the mud idol for Gangaur puja. She asks Kartik to take her to family for Gangaur celebrations. Kartik refuses. Naira feels lost and lonely, to stay alone without elders. Kartik hugs her and romances. Naira tries to explain him by many ways. She asks him not to have any ego when it comes to family. Kartik says we won’t go home till Dadi comes and invites us. Kartik calls Dadi, while Dadi was waiting for him. Kartik and Dadi fail to talk to each other. Kartik also gets sad seeing Naira preparing all the things alone. He finds Naira sad and cheers her up. Naira wants to stay with Goenka family.

Kartik pampers her with love and extra love, to make her smile. Kartik wants to give Naira all the happiness, and understands her desire to stay with inlaws. Kartik wants to explain Naira that they are sufficient to stay happily, they do not need the family. He does not like Manish and Suwarna. Though, Dadi’s impression is good on Kartik. Kartik and Naira wish to celebrate Gangaur with Goenka family. The festival is important for Naira and also Goenka family.

Naira asks him how sad he was when he did not get Lav and Kush, how he wanted to make Dadi stay back by excuse of tea. She reminds him how much he is missing his family, how much unhappy he is within. Kartik does not show his sorrow to Naira. Kartik tells Naira that he will take the first step on her saying. Kartik loves Dadi a lot. He feels Suwarna was blackmailing Naira to stay back. He wants to go back, but is avoiding this because of Suwarna. Naira will ultimately take Kartik to Gangaur puja in Goenka house.


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