Kusum Sundari’s new ploy against Devanshi


Kusum Sundari tries to trap everyone in superstitions and false belief. Kusum Sundari regained all her powers and status as Mata. She goes to meet villagers and tells them that much bad is happening in the village since long time, I got to know why is this happening, Maiyya came in my dream and told me that everyone in the village are more interested in money than Maiyya. She says I will make a big temple for Maiyya.

She asks everyone to leave greed, and donate the most by having a big heart. She says where greed is born, devotion and beliefs begin to shake. She reminds what happened to Omi and Sarla, when they both started getting greedy. The villagers agree to Kusum Sundari’s command. Kusum Sundari asks them to give away all their savings for the temple and please Maiyya to get saved from dire consequences. Kusum Sundari knows Devanshi can’t undo her plans this time. Devanshi and Ishwar witness the people’s blind faith in Kusum Sundari. They worry seeing Kusum Sundari dupe people by taking Maiyya’s name. How will Devanshi expose Kusum Sundari’s greed? Keep reading.


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