Dev and Sonakshi’s fight over Suhana in Kuch Rang…


Sonakshi comes to Dev’s house. She recalls the old memories by seeing her room. She thinks of the past wonderful moments, which she has spent with Dev. Its Sonakshi’s turn to stay in Dixit house. Sonakshi sits in the swing and gets emotional. Dev gets medicines for Suhana. He hands it over to Eleena. Sonakshi tells her mum that Suhana is ill. He sees Sonakshi on call and takes her phone back. He misunderstands Sonakshi and feels jealous thinking he is talking to some guy. She asks why did he snatch her phone. He asks her to admit, if she is failing to do a mother’s duty. He says you can tell me, I can take care of Suhana.

He tells her to remember that Suhana is unwell. He argues with her, and asks can’t she sit at home with their daughter. They start arguing. Sonakshi calls him selfish. He asks her not to act to become a good mum, which she can never become. She says I won’t even waste my anger on you, I don’t have to prove I m good mum, I love my daughter. She explains unconditional love to him. She says I love my daughter much, like I loved you unconditionally in the past. Dev gets calmed hearing her. They both go to attend Suhana.


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