Kartik to confront Manish and Suwarna in Yeh Rishta…


Naksh finds Naira worried. He cheers her up by joking about Kartik. Singhanias keep a warm welcome party for Naira. Everyone get happy seeing Naira. They make the moments memorable for Naira. Naira gets too delighted and celebrates with her family. They all have a dance. Naira gets too pampered. Everyone gift her gifts. Naira forgets all the worries.

Manish wants Kartik to stay with him. He does not want to share Kartik with Singhanias. Dadi does not want to annoy Kartik. Suwarna tells them that Naira can help them in uniting with Kartik. Dadi asks Suwarna not to believe Naira blindly. Kartik sits upset thinking about Suwarna and Naira’s talk. He packs his bags and avoids Naira’s call. Naira leaves a voicemail for him. Naira hides the worries from her family. Kartik comes downstairs with his bags and declares his decision of leaving the house. The family gets a shock. Kartik is hurt by Suwarna’s step.

Devyaani asks Naira to understand Goenka family. She asks Naira to have courage and patience in keeping relations strong. Kartik gets angry on Suwarna. He tells Dadi that Suwarna has used Naira’s innocence.

Manish and Kartik get into an argument. Kartik blames Manish to use Suwarna and fool Naira. Manish defends Suwarna. Kartik blames Suwarna for snatching his happiness. Suwarna explains Kartik that Naira’s happiness is in family union. She asks Kartik not to leave the house, as everyone loves him. She asks Kartik not to punish everyone because of her. Suwarna tells Manish and Dadi about her request made to Naira. Manish gets hurt. He yells on Kartik and asks him to talk being in limits. Kartik leaves from the house, leaving the family behind.


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