Shivani to get punished for saving Ghulaam’s life


Shivani is caged. She cries and asks someone to help her. She is worried for her Mama. She wants to get out of the cage, but she is helpless. Jageer is torturing Shivani, as she has saved Rangeela from the death punishment. She gets to know that even her uncle will be punished. She shouts to them to get her out. Rangeela meets his mum. His mum does not like the house and asks him to take her back to Berahampur. Rangeela can’t take his mum with him. He got freed because of Shivani. He thinks of Shivani, but is helpless.

Rangeela says we have come here for you, as we have to set an icecream factory for you. She asks him to get his bahu, she will stay with her. She realizes Rangeela has fever and insists him to have medicine. He makes her rest. He can’t tell her truth that Shivani has become Veer’s wife.


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