Veer to keep Naina captive in Pardes


Veer shoots at Naina, while she gets saved miraculously. Harjeet’s hired girl gets shot instead. Raghav catches Veer in the house. Veer gets Naina as hostage and blackmails Raghav. He threatens to kill Naina and her baby. Khurana suspects Naina to be Ahana’s surrogate. Khurana also worries seeing the worse situation when a pregnant lady is the target of enmity. Raghav promises Naina that he won’t let anything happen to her baby. Naina recalls her promise to Ahana, that she would always safeguard her baby. Naina starts panicking.

Veer takes Naina along with him. Dadi asks Veer to free Naina. Veer tortures Naina. Khurana does not find this right. He tells Harjeet that he can’t see all this. Harjeet gets glad and wants Veer to kill Naina. She emotionally blackmails Khurana and stops him from helping Naina. Dadi scolds Sudha for giving birth to a snake like Veer. She blames her family for teaching greed and selfishness to Veer in childhood. She shouts on them for ruining Veer’s life by making him poisonous.

Veer gets his frustration out on Naina. He blames her for making his life hell. He asks Naina to scream aloud, so that Dadi gets a heart attack and dies. He hurts Naina and makes her scream. Khurana does not want to stay back as coward and wants to help Naina. Raghav and Khurana try to rescue Naina. Raghav takes a pistol to fight with Veer. Naina finds a way to fool Veer and run away. Everyone requests Veer to leave Naina. Raghav promises Veer to forgive him and forget everything if he releases Naina. Naina gets courage and hits Veer. Veer does not let Naina run away. Naina begs to Veer to leave her free. Veer gets shot by Naina. Raghav takes the blame on his head.


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