Anika to reveal Kamini’s truth to Oberois in Ishqbaaz


Anika does not get convinced to send Priyanka to mandap. She fails to contact Shivay. She continuously calls up Shivay. Priyanka stays doubtful. Kamini comes to take Priyanka. Anika worries and gets bad vibes. She thinks to stop the marriage any way. She asks Priyanka to give her bridal dress to her. Ranveer and Kamini hope to get diamonds. They save Mahi from getting arrested. Mahi does not want to kill Shivay. Kamini asks him to just murder Shivay. Mahi is hurt and can’t see Priyanka’s defamation. Kamini asks him to just witness it, as he always witnessed his mum’s humiliation till now. Mahi clears out that Shivay’s life should not go. Kamini argues with him. She asks Ranveer to explain Mahi to think for them.

Kamini takes Ranveer to the mandap. Mahi finds the family smart enough to plan something in final minute. Mahi sees Anika in the room. Ranveer locks Anika so that their tension ends. Ranveer asks Mahi not to think anything now, Anika can’t do anything. Anika gets dressed as the bride to shock Kamini. She does not want to let Priyanka’s life get ruined. Kamini says they all don’t know we know his truth. Anika reveals Ranveer and Kamini’s truth to the family. Mahi feels something wrong is happening. His heart does not permit him to kill Shivay.

Kamini stops Ranveer from going to the mandap. She asks Pinky to hand over the diamonds. Mahi says we will give you diamonds. He asks Tej to hand over the diamonds to them. Kamini gets her jeweler to verify the authenticity of diamonds. She shockingly reveals Priyanka’s pregnancy news in a tricky way. The family gets shocked reading the news. The media troubles Oberois by odd questions about Priyanka’s pregnancy. Mahi feels bad seeing Kamini’s move. Kamini asks Shakti how can they hide such big matter. She insults Oberois and Priyanka.

Tej dismisses the rumours. Pinky defends Priyanka. Shakti asks Kamini how can she blame Priyanka like this. Kamini acts innocent in front of them.


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