Vivaan and Imli to break up in Udaan


Vivaan tells Ragini the two dark secrets of his life. He tells her that Ranjana has killed Manohar to marry Kamal Narayan. He also reveals to her that he can’t become a father. He gets upset that he can’t give a child to Imli. Ragini gets much shocked hearing the truth. He tells her that he has got all his medical tests done, and there is no problem with Imli. Ragini can’t believe this. She also gets sad for Vivaan. He tells her how he is facing all this because of Tejaswini. He says I can’t fulfill Imli’s dream to become a mum, I can earn more money and fulfill all her wishes by money. He says I want to start gun factory soon, I want Imli to be happy so that she does not feel sad if she does not become a mum.

Ragini feels concerned for him. Vivaan trusts Ragini a lot, as she is supporting him a lot. He is taking revenge from Bhaiya ji by her help. He tells Ragini that Imli cheated me, she is pregnant, and I m not the father of that child, who is that man, with whom is she having an extra marital affair. He says I m in shock by knowing this truth from doctor, find out the person, whose child is it, my life got ruined. Ragini asks him to calm down. He says I want to know how could Imli cheat me.

Ragini assures him that he will find the truth. Vivaan meets Imli. Its Imli and Vivaan’s wedding anniversary. She planned the beautiful date. She decorates the place to surprise Vivaan. Vivaan bursts his anger on her. He ruins all the decorations. He has hurt Imli emotionally. Vivaan doubts that Imli is cheating him. He asks Imli about the child. He creates hatred in Imli’s mind by his questions. Imli’s good news turns shocking for him. She does not know why Vivaan is acting strange. She thinks Vivaan was not such before. Bhaiya ji meets Imli and congratulates her for the new member coming home. Imli cries and has much sorrow in her heart.


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