Chakor’s surprise fails to impress Suraj in Udaan


Chakor does arrangements to express her love to Suraj. She happily gets Suraj to the haveli. Bhaiya ji stops Imli from doing Suraj’s aarti. Chakor tells him that just Vivaan and Ragini are the decision makers in Aazaadgunj now, and Bhaiya ji’s decision taken in mental state won’t have any significance. Bhaiya ji angrily orders Imli to move back and now welcome Suraj. He then surprises everyone by doing Suraj’s aarti and tilak. Suraj realizes Bhaiya ji has really lost his senses. Ragini and Vivaan head to the factory to start their setup.

Suraj does not like his room redecorated. He fails to connect with anything, and loses all his good memories which he once made in his room. Suraj does not see Chakor’s surprise and ends up fighting with her. Pakhi meets Suraj and tells him about her ailing father, who needs immediate treatment in hospital. Suraj helps Pakhi in taking her father to the hospital. The doctor tells Suraj to deposit 25 lakhs for the man’s operation. Suraj finds it impossible to arrange so much money. He sees Pakhi sad and promises her help.


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