Devanshi finds a new aide Shikhar


Devanshi and Ishwar realize Kusum Sundari is fooling people by her another magical trick. They think if they also do similar magical thing, even they could get the devotees on their side. Devanshi tells Ishwar that she knows someone who can help them convince the villagers. She tells Ishwar about Shikhar, the magician guy, whose show she has seen at a local dhaba. Kusum Sundari asks the villagers to donate as much money as possible. Devanshi goes to meet Shikhar, to seek his help to fail Kusum Sundari’s plans. She explains the scenario to Shikhar, and asks for his help. He refuses to help Devanshi.

Later, Shikhar comes to help and fails Kusum Sundari’s plans. Devanshi gets benefited by Shikhar’s help. She introduces Shikhar to Ishwar and Vardaan. She tells them how he has helped her in failing Kusum Sundari’s tricks. Vardaan starts getting jealous of Shikhar and Devanshi’s growing bond. Devanshi and Shikhar start working together against Kusum Sundari’s moves. Devanshi meets Kusum Sundari and keeps a huge challenge in front of her.


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