Huge drama rocks Shanti Sadan in Mere Angne Mein


Kaushalya invites the NGO women home to send away Charni. She tries to hide her identity from the NGO lady, but mistakenly leaves a clue behind her doings. Shanti suspects Kaushalya to be behind the matter, but it gets cleared when the lady tells Shanti about the Kaushalya complaining against Aarti. Shanti scolds Kaushalya and asks her how can she doubt on Charni. She defends Charni and does not know why Kaushalya is getting doubts on Charni. Kaushalya tells them about Charni coming home at wee hours. She slaps herself angrily. Kaushalya has created a big drama and spoiled her own anniversary party by her mistake.

Shanti gets angry and goes to suffocate Kaushalya’s neck to end her drama. Raghav gets too angry seeing Kaushalya’s madness. Shanti asks Kaushalya why is she after an orphan girl. Kaushalya is hurt that she has no value at home, after giving so many years to the house. She judges Aarti wrong and is insecure of her. Shanti is valuing Aarti more, because Aarti is just perfect. Aarti cries and tells Shanti that she is innocent. Shanti believes Aarti and asks Kaushalya to stop doing mad things.



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