Shocking truth to shatter four lives in Udaan


Ragini gives the bouquet to Vivaan and wishes him wedding anniversary. He asks her did she remember it. She says how can I forget, and asks him to go home, spend time with Imli, leave all the work, take Imli out somewhere. He says I was going, I was just waiting for you, I had to thank you, I did not hide anything from you and want to share something. He tells his life’s biggest truth. He is angered and tells her that he can’t become a father. Ragini says maybe there is some mistake in diagnosis. He tells her that he has done all medical tests. He regrets to give such sorrow to Imli. Ragini sympathizes with him. He wants to give much happiness to Imli, so that she forgets the sorrow of not being a mother. Ragini tells him that she will always support him.

Vivaan tells Ragini that they want machines to make gun springs, they have to import it. He makes a plan to make the guns. He presents the plan in front of Ragini. She tells Vivaan that we will make kids make the spring, as they can be more efficient than adults in this matter. Vivaan and Ragini discuss and decide to make the kids work in factory.

Meanwhile, Chakor gets Suraj to room and gets adamant to switch off the lights. Suraj could not see the surprise and she turns upset. Their usual argument continues. Chakor then manages somehow. She surprises Suraj by expressing her love. Suraj gets delighted seeing I love you Suraj sparkling on the walls. Chakor’s efforts pay off. Suraj and Chakor confess love to each other and decide to happily start a new life. Suraj tells Chakor that he loves her a lot. Chakor also confesses her love to him. There are romantic moments between them. Later on, Chakor and Suraj meet on a romantic date. They have romance in the moonlight. They spend super romantic time. Chakor and Suraj propose each other in a filmi way. Imli also does a romantic dinner arrangements for Vivaan. Imli and Vivaan come there. Imli is happy that she got pregnant, and reveals the truth to Suraj, Chakor, and Vivaan.

Imli thought everyone will smile hearing this news. Chakor recalls Vivaan’s words that he can’t give a child to Imli. Vivaan and Chakor get a big shock. Vivaan raises the question to Imli, asking about the father of her child. Vivaan and Chakor stare at Suraj. Suraj does not know what’s happening. Vivaan suspects Suraj to be the child’s father. Suraj and Imli were together away from haveli, when they went to follow Ragini. Will this child’s matter change Suraj and Chakor’s lives again? Will Chakor trust Suraj? Keep reading.


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