Rangeela makes an entry in Berahampur


Rangeela was made to leave from Berahampur. He is called back by Choudhary, as he is worried for his safety. Rangeela is equal to an army when it comes to battle the enemies. Rangeela can protect Choudhary and his family with ease. A stranger gets inside Veer’s house and shoots at everyone. Choudhary and everyone defend the attack. They get surrounded by Rashmi’s ex, who came to take Rashmi with him. He says last time, I could not win, but this time I will not leave anyone, I will make a video and expose the truth of Berahampur’s head.

Rangeela makes an entry there and saves Choudhary. She fights with the commando. Rangeela proves his loyalty again. Choudhary hugs Rangeela for saving him from the big problem. Rangeela is valued again. Rangeela will be staying back in the haveli. Choudhary respects Rangeela and makes him wear the pagdi. He calls Rangeela his son and asks him not to leave them. Rangeela gets the commando caught up.


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