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Sasural Simar Ka: Piyush and Roshni come back home. Everyone wish Piyush and give him gifts. Piyush sees all the gifts and gets surprised seeing Mata ji’s special gift. Roshni gets the mango icecream gifted by Mata ji. Roshni gets scared that Piyush will hurt her again. Piyush’s behavior is changing. Roshni sees Piyush talking to everyone well. She thinks she what happened to Piyush at night, when he smeared the cake on her face angrily. Roshni does not know what’s happening to Piyush.

Jaat Ki Jugni:
Jyoti acts to faint to stop the engagement. Bittu holds her and asks Bau ji to postpone the engagement. Munni is tensed as Savita has heard Bittu and her plans to stop Jyoti’s engagement. She is worried that Bittu can get caught. Bittu is scared that Bau ji can really get his engagement done with Jyoti.


Dharam’s haldi ceremony will be seen again. Everyone apply haldi to Dharam. Bhavani applies haldi to Dharam and loses control on her emotions. Vidya sees Bhavani eyeing Dharam. Bhavani is in love with Dharam. Bhavani is trying to stop Dharam’s marriage. Gaura applies haldi to Dharam and wants to do his third marriage. Gaura gets a phone call. She asks the goon to kill Jaggi. Vidya gets suspicious about Gaura, and thinks what’s the urgency Gaura is talking about. Vidya thinks to find out what is Gaura doing. Gaura tells the goon that Jaggi should not be alive. Gopi keeps the fast for Jaggi.

Woh Apna Sa:

Nisha dances to impress Aditya. Jhanvi attends the party. Aditya does not respond to Nisha and sits watching her, unwillingly. Nisha gives the party surprise to Aditya on their wedding anniversary. Nisha decorates the house, and celebrates with the entire family. Aditya has no happiness. Nisha wants to win Aditya back, and does not care for Jhanvi’s presence. Nisha spreads her charm on everyone. The family is happy for Aditya and Nisha’s anniversary. Nisha is happy and self content, without caring what is Aditya going through.

Chandrakanta: Chandrakanta wants to know who is the masked person entering the palace. Virendra asks Kroor Singh how can this big mistake happen in Chandrakanta’s palace. Chandrakanta tries to figure out the person. Virendra raises the question on Chandrakanta’s security. Virendra has entered her room wearing the mask, to find a key. Chandrakanta says maybe I know where is the key, and takes them to the Kaksh. Kroor Singh doubts on Virendra and gets the clothes of the mysterious man. He says we got to know who is that man and throws the clothes on Virendra.


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