Shivay’s beliefs to be tested in Ishqbaaz


In the press conference, Shivay gives all the credit to Anika for his success. He calls her a big support for him. Pinky turns upset with Shivay for not valuing her. Shakti explains Pinky to let Shivay and Anika dine together. Pinky creates an issue. Shivay takes care of Anika and feeds her food. Anika gets emotional by his concern. She tells the old things of her past. They ask each other not to risk lives again. He tells her that he will always risk his life for her, as she is his wife. Anika says then even I will do anything for you. Shakti asks some men to find Kamini. Shakti is hiding a secret about his past.

Anika sees Shivay getting disturbed in sleep by the sunlight, and makes a shade. Anika wakes him up romantically. She thinks he will wake up in a good mood, while he wakes up in a shock. He asks her to stop watching movies and try such things. Anika thinks to meet Mahi and does not tell Shivay about it.

Pinky calls Guru ji at home. She asks him to keep Kulgotra puja for Shivay, as he has faced many dangers till now. Shakti says we include our bahu’s name in our family list. Guru ji asks them to give complete details about Anika. Shakti says we will soon find out details and tell you. Pinky wants to remind Shivay about the importance of family name and blood. She thinks this is a good opportunity to make Shivay realize that Anika is not suitable for him. Anika goes in search of Mahi, to know the secrets he is hiding. Pinky demands an answer from Shivay. She asks him to just say Anika’s surname, if he has no idea about her parents. Shivay gets speechless as he does not know Anika’s surname. Pinky asks Shivay to which family does Anika belong. She says maybe she is from poor family, but atleast they should be respectable. She says your children should know Anika’s background. Shivay gets angry on Pinky and asks her to stop asking same thing. He asks Pinky not to drag Sahil in this matter. Will Anika’s past affect Shivika’s relation? Keep reading.


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