Gitanjali to act insane in Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai


There are shocking twists coming next. Abhimanyu has come back in Gitanjali’s life. Rishabh and Rajveer doubt that he is a fraudster. Gitanjali exposes Choti Maa’s truth in front of Rishabh, and makes Choti Maa and Kavya leave from the haveli. Choti Maa tries to instigate Rishabh that Gitanjali will not spare even him. Gitanjali is the owner of all the ancestral property. Rishabh loves Gitanjali much and is hurt seeing his sister falling in the huge trap laid by some unknown person. Rishabh doubts Abhimanyu is sent by someone and takes him for DNA tests. Abhimanyu’s truth gets known. Abhimanyu has truly returned to Gitanjali after six years. Rishabh and Rajveer then try to figure out about Priyam.

Priyam is the fraud, who was acting like Abhimanyu’s reincarnation. Priyam took Gitanjali to the heights of confusing dilemma. Abhimanyu and Priyam try to prove they are Gitanjali’s lover. Gitanjali goes insane after Priyam sends fake Ragini to pressurize Gitanjali mentally. Gitanjali gets traumatized. She understands someone is playing a big game with her, and plays along to wait for some masks to get removed from evil faces on own. Gitanjali is sent to a mental hospital, where she gets attacked. Gitanjali gets to know Abhimanyu’s true face, as her husband is the one who planted Priyam in her life and proved her mad. She realizes Abhimanyu just took revenge from her.


Abhimanyu happens to be Ragini’s brother. Ragini was Rishabh’s love, who died because of the family enmity. Abhimanyu takes revenge from Rishabh and Gitanjali for Ragini’s death. Gitanjali acts insane to settle scores with Abhimanyu. Rishabh and Rajveer understand Abhimanyu and Priyam’s planning to prove Gitanjali mad. They try to meet Gitanjali and reveal the truth to her. Will Rishabh, Rajveer and Gitanjali be able to tackle Abhimanyu’s super plotting? Keep reading.


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