Imli to lose family support in Udaan


Chakor and Suraj’s relation is beginning, while Vivaan ends all his ties with Imli. He drags Imli to the village and leaves her to her parents’ house. Vivaan asks Imli to come with him. He says everyone should know what’s Imli’s truth. Vivaan tells the complete matter to Bhuvan and Kasturi, which shocks them. Bhuvan gets angry on Suraj and asks him why did he do this. He blames Suraj for all this and scolds Imli and Suraj. Bhuvan and Kasturi are not supporting Imli, and ask her to leave from the house. Imli shouts that Vivaan is the father of her child. Bhuvan is hurt by Imli’s doings and asks her to find any other house. Imli shouts to defend herself. Imli cries seeing her parents not trusting her. Kasturi does not believe Imli and slaps her. Imli asks Bhuvan to believe her. They all believe Vivaan after seeing the reports.

Bhuvan regards Vivaan as a Lord figure for them. He asks Imli to get out. The family cries. Suraj asks Bhuvan to think calmly. Bhuvan says you have ignited this fire in our house. Chakor defends Suraj and says Suraj did not do anything, I trust Suraj, Imli and Suraj have no relation, Imli will tell us the truth. Chakor demands an answer from Imli, while Imli maintains its Vivaan’s child only. Vivaan tells them that he can’t live with such a characterless woman. Imli runs on the road while she thinks of the happenings. A car is about to hit Imli. Chakor thinks Imli is going to give her life and saves Imli. Imli scolds Chakor and tells Chakor that she can take care of herself, she was not giving her life, but did not see the car. She asks Chakor why is she not believing that its Vivaan’s child. Chakor will be solving Imli’s problem and get the pregnancy truth out.


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