Kartik attempts to gain Naira’s forgiveness in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik comes to meet Naira at Singhania house. He can’t live without Naira. Naira has left Kartik, which makes him go mad. Kartik can’t bear the separation. She asks Naira to talk to him once. Naira cries and does not want to see him. She could not tolerate the fact that Kartik has hidden such a big truth from her. She sees Akshara’s foot impressions and cries. Kartik is angered on Akhilesh, who lied of telling entire truth to Naira before marriage. Akhilesh and Manish’s lie have broken Kartik and Naira’s relation.

Kartik was assuming Naira to know everything and forgive Mansi. Kartik did not wish to cheat Naira, and married her after Akhilesh relieved him of his guilt. Kartik was lightened and thought Naira is happily marrying him by forgetting the past incidents. He could not imagine his marriage to suffer with such truth breaking Naira’s heart. Kartik feels responsible to hurt Naira, and curses himsel to believe his family once again. Kartik gets frustrated. He sits outside Naira’s room and waits for her. Mishti comes to support Kartik. She encourages Kartik. Kartik says I won’t let anything happen to my and Naira’s relation. Will Kartik succeed in his attempts to get forgiveness by Naira? Keep reading.


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