Neil to arrest Aman in Naamkarann


Dayavanti gets inside Ananya’s house at night to know about her. She gets to see Avni’s family photos. She calls Diksha and asks her to bring Riya’s birthday photos. Dayavanti gets suspicious about Avni. Avni and Neil get into an argument. Avni is protecting Neela, while Neil accuses her for protecting Aman. He asks her relation with the criminal. Neil holds her responsible for risking Neela’s life.

Aman recalls Dayavanti. She tells him to keep the gun and scare everyone with it. Neil asks Rajat to arrange a gun to scare people. He feels none can come in his way if he has a gun. Aman calls Avni and makes her talk to Neela to present proof. Neela is also shattered seeing Aman’s devil side. Avni and Neil track Aman. They manage to find Neela. Avni scolds Aman for falling so low. Aman tries scaring her with a gun. She asks Aman to shoot her if he wants.

Neil arrests Aman after knowing Aman has done his accident, and also kidnapped Neela. Dayavanti is shocked seeing Amol handcuffed. She asks Amol who has done this. Neil comes there and tells Dayavanti the crimes done by her grandson. He tells Dayavanti that Amol did drunken driving and did his accident, and then ran away from the spot without helping him. He says Amol has done many crimes to hide one crime, he threatened the accident witness Ananya and kidnapped her mother to stop Ananya from giving statement against him. Aman asks Dayavanti to save him. Dayavanti keeps a good image in front of Neil and does not know how to save Amol. Neil says I know Dayavanti will not support anyone wrong. What will Dayavanti do to save Amol? Keep reading.


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