Virendra and Chandrakanta’s peaceful meet


Chandrakanta tells Virendra that she will call him if she feels any danger. She asks him not to worry, she will lock her Kaksh door and sleep. She is in love with Virendra. She is happy to spend some moments with Virendra. She wants to know Virendra, by getting interested in him. She talks to Virendra after getting some time in private. She finds excuses to talk to him. Virendra makes the soldiers guard Chandrakanta’s room.

Later, Virendra enters Chandrakanta’s room by wearing a mask. He is trying to find the keys of the Tilismi box. He catches Chandrakanta and keeps a knife at her neck. She says you can’t go alive if you hurt me. He asks Chandrakanta not to act smart and tell about the keys. Chandrakanta is brave and fools him. She takes a vase and hits on his head. She teaches him a lesson and runs from there. Chandrakanta does not know Virendra is the disguised man.



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