Dayavanti to threaten Shweta in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Ali and Riya get into an argument at the cafe. Riya gets hurt. Ali turns caring towards her. He asks her not to get scared of Dayavanti. Avni runs from the tea stall to meet Aman before Neil. Diksha tells Shweta about Neil and Avni. Shweta gets a big shock about this. Dayavanti tells Shweta that she has known all this. She threatens her about Neil’s defamation. She tries to convince Shweta about Neil and Riya’s alliance. Neil tries to explain Aman his real roots. Avni gets to know Aman’s wicked side and gets angry.

Avni frees Neela and asks her to go away. Neela does not want to leave. Avni asks her to just leave and sends her. Avni does not get scared of Aman. Shweta worries for Neil’s name and agrees to accept Riya as her bahu.

Neil brings Aman and Rajat to the police station and dumps them in lockup. Neil arrested them for kidnapping Neela. Aman threatens Neil that he will make them pay for this. Neil doubts on Avni. DD says Ananya was saving Aman, as he is Riya’s brother. Neil says no, Ananya’s mother was at stake, she can’t favor her best friend’s brother. He says the matter is something else. He assures Avni that he will get Aman punished, even if there is much pressure on him from seniors. Avni takes the case back. Neil gets a shock and asks Avni why is she doing so, if anyone is forcing her to take the case back. Avni can’t see Aman in jail and also wants to win Dayavanti’s trust. She recalls Aisha and wants to turn Aman into a good person.


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