KaiRa’s sorrowful separation track continues in Yeh Rishta…

KaiRa union to face high criticism in Yeh Rishta...

Naira and Naksh meet the inspector. Kartik tracks Naira and reaches police station. He does not find Naira there and thinks maybe Naira is at the accident spot. Naira visits the accident spot, which snatched Akshara from her. She cries seeing the place and shouts to Akshara. Kartik follows Naira to the place and sees her shattered. He apologizes to her from his family’s side. Kartik and Naira’s love is suffering for someone’s mistake. Kartik fears the distance can end their relation. He is ready to accept any punishment from her. He begs to Naira to forgive her. He is trying to get his love back. He asks Naira to listen understand him.

Naira leaves in the taxi. Kartik sits crying and breaks down. He does not know how to convince Naira. He did not lie to her, but it was a misunderstanding between them. Naira does not want to see him. Kartik fails to melt Naira’s heart. Naira thinks Kartik has hidden this to save Mansi. She heard Akhilesh talking to Ajay. She feels everyone cheated her, and was thinking once marriage happens, she will forget the matter. She feels Kartik has taken her for granted. She tells Kartik that she would bear any wound, but not cheat. Naira and Kartik’s hearts cry. She is much hurt. Naira would not agree to forgive Goenkas so soon.


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