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Devanshi: Devanshi gets ready as the bride. She performs in her bridal wear. Devanshi is very happy and waits to see her groom Vardaan. Devanshi’s room catches fire. Ishwar asks everyone about Vardaan. Golu says Vardaan said he will just come and make a grand entry, he disappeared. Kusum Sundari gets shocked seeing Devanshi fine.


There is a new drama. Veer is angry on Shivani. He tells her that he will kill Rangeela. Jageer provokes Veer. He says Rangeela has kept Shivani at his home all night. They have an affair and we did not know about this. Shivani loves Rangeela. She has hit Veer and ran away from the home. Rangeela has got Shivani home. Veer tells everyone how Shivani fooled him and ran away. He says Shivani has showed bravery and then she has cheated me. He aims the gun at Rangeela and wants to pressurize Shivani. He asks Shivani to hug him in front of everyone, like she hugged him that time before hitting him on his head.


Gopi gets a huge shock when doctor tells her that Jaggi got an injury in his spinal cord, and maybe he can’t stand on his feet now. Gopi cries and tells Kokila that Jaggi can never walk now. Kokila also gets a shock. Gopi prays in temple and faints. Jaggi gets conscious and meets them. Gopi doubts on her devotion and asks Kanha ji why did he punish Jaggi, if her devotion is true. She can’t imagine seeing Jaggi on wheelchair. Jaggi tells Kokila that he will run on his feet and will race with everyone to reach home fast. Gopi cries hearing him.


There will be Maha Sangam episode of Sasural Simar Ka and Shakti. Piyush attacks Soumya. He kidnaps Aditya and goes. Soumya worries and reaches Harman and Simar. She tells them about Piyush attacking her and running away with the baby. Roshni tells Simar about Piyush’s strange behavior. Everyone is worried and look for Piyush. Simar asks Roshni about him. Roshni says I have no idea, he was not in the room when I woke up. Simar asks where did he go. They don’t know what’s happening.


Chandrakanta shouts seeing a cockroach. Virendra comes and asks her what happened. She gets scared and hugs Virendra. She finds reasons to meet Virendra. She sees his wound and insists him to sit. She applies the medicine to his wound. He asks her why does she always shout. She says yes, I always shout, as I m a spoilt, rude and angry princess. He smiles and asks her not to get angry, he will stay out and guard her room. She says its my mistake, I get angry on small things and shout. He says you are still shouting. He has become her bodyguard as he wants to get the keys from her room. She is happy that he is taking care of her security, but she does not know his masterplan.


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