Colors’ Maha Sangam to bring high octane drama


Soumya tells Harman that Piyush has some spirit in him, he tried to kill me. Harman gets shocked and sees Simar. Soumya says I have pushed Piyush and ran away. Harman calms her down. Soumya is much scared. Harman consoles her. Simar manages the matter and asks Harman to wait. She finds Piyush sleeping. Piyush is innocent, but Kaal shadow is making him turn into a demon. Roshni finds his behavior strange. Soumya is sure that she has seen only Piyush. Simar tells Harman that Piyush was sleeping in his room. Harman says but Soumya has seen Piyush. Simar says maybe Soumya has got afraid of Piyush and dreamt so.

Soumya and Harman see Aditya with Piyush. Harman gets angry and tells Piyush that he will not leave him now. Harman beats up Piyush in front of Bharadwaj family. Simar and everyone try to stop Harman. Harman does not listen. Roshni comes in between and stops Harman. She says Piyush is my husband, he can’t do such crime to kidnap a small child. Soumya and Harman tell Simar about the car, which belongs to their family. He says Piyush has kidnapped my son. Piyush calls the garage owner. The man tells Harman that Piyush’s car was in his garage. Piyush defends himself. The orphanage manager comes with police. He argues with Harman and takes Aditya with him. Simar comes ahead to help Soumya. Surbhi calls Soumya. Simar asks Soumya to stay with them. Surbhi tells Soumya that she has arranged the money and asks Soumya to come back soon. Harman and Soumya leave from Simar’s house.


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