Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Soumya tells Harman that Piyush has some spirit in him, he tried to kill me. Harman gets shocked and sees Simar. Soumya says I have pushed Piyush and ran away. Harman calms her down. Soumya is much scared. Harman consoles her. Simar manages the matter and asks Harman to wait. She finds Piyush sleeping. Piyush is innocent, but Kaal shadow is making him turn into a demon. Roshni finds his behavior strange. Soumya is sure that she has seen only Piyush. Simar tells Harman that Piyush was sleeping in his room. Harman says but Soumya has seen Piyush. Simar says maybe Soumya has got afraid of Piyush and dreamt so.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:
Samar falls in Tina’s eyes. Samar was enjoying in a bachelor’s party. The dancer spoils Samar’s image in front of Tina. Bani played this game to defame Samar. Kosi says we came to give you surprise and we got surprised here. Samar says Tina is misunderstanding me. He asks Tina to listen. Samar’s mum does drama and asks Samar what did you do, what will I do now, you ruined everything. Thapki comes there and manages the situation. She asks Samar not to worry.

Naina tries to convince Karan by getting the sweets made by his mum. Naina wants Karan to go office like Kunal and manage the business. Karan does not agree. He is not interested in family business. Naina tries to make him realize. She acts and does some drama of a fake phone call. She pretends to tell her friend that Karan is busy in office work and they can’t come in the function. Karan feels Naina is getting embarrassed because of him and is lying to her friends. He thinks to really do some work and make Naina proud. He falls in dilemma.

Udaan: Vivaan makes Imli leave the house. Imli has done a lot for Vivaan. Vivaan has blamed her for such a wrong thing. Imli thinks why is she facing all this when was true to Vivaan and his love. She can’t believe Vivaan is showing her this day. Imli cries and expresses her pain. Chakor and Suraj come to support Imli. Suraj says you can’t make Imli leave from the house, Imli won’t go anywhere. Vivaan laughs and says look who’s saying, Imli’s old lover Suraj is speaking up. Vivaan gets much angry and does not listen to any of the haveli members. Suraj raises hand on Vivaan for his cheap blames. Imli shouts on Suraj, asking who is he to speak between her and Vivaan. Vivaan claps for Imli’s drama. He does not trust Imli or anyone else. He wants to make himself powerful and show everyone their place.


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